South Spur on Mount Adams 2015

Dale on the summit with a view of Mount Hood

Dale, Kate, and I found the best weather in the state on Memorial Day to skin up and ski down Mount Adams. We drove up to the trailhead on Sunday night and got started at about 5:45am on Monday. The snow was a bit icy, but soft enough to skin most of and we headed up the summer route via the ridge. We were able to skin up most of the headwall and then finished to the false summit and then true summit with boots.

We were on the summit by about 11:30am and then enjoyed some phenomenal corn skiing on the way down. It was a bit icy up top, but the main headwall was perfect and we couldn't help but let out some whoops. After waiting a bit for Kate and having Dale do a lap on the face, we cruised out to the car by 2:15pm or so. Great day.