About ME

Hi there,

I grew up on the East Coast near Boston and started climbing when I was in the 8th grade. During my first-ever trip to the Boston Rock Gym, I had so much fun that I stayed for 6 hours and couldn’t pick up a pencil the next day. After mainly sport climbing during high school and college (primarily at Rumney) and getting a taste of ice and trad in The White Mountains, I moved to Seattle in the summer of 2010 and have migrated towards alpine climbing since then, with trips all around The Cascades and Sierra as well as to Patagonia, Peru, New Zealand, Bolivia, and other fun spots. I’ve also done sport climbing trips to Thailand, China, Greece, Mexico, and all around the states. Find my listed climbs here.

At my core, I like problem solving, organizing things, efficiency, and leading people and projects. I attended Dartmouth College from the fall of 2000 to the winter of 2006 and earned A.B.B.E., and M.E.M. degrees focused on mechanical engineering and business. I'm currently the President of Synapse Product Development where we deliver innovative product development services for the world’s leading companies.

In my free time, I often succumb to my adrenaline-junky nature by rock climbing, ice climbing, road bike racing, mountain biking, and trail running.  I’ve been playing the electric guitar since 1994 and have recorded some original music along the way too.

Thanks for visiting! I hope my trip reports help others get out there.

 - Jeff