The Tooth

Bret on the last moves

Thanks for getting all independent back in the day, America.  You afforded me the opportunity to have Wednesday off from work and get up The Tooth in perfect spring conditions with great friends.

We arrived at the Alpental parking lot early enough to hurt a bit, but just late enough to see 3 or 4 parties leave just ahead of us.  Balls.  The approach was still a bit snowy all the way to Source Lake and completely snow-covered from there up to Pineapple Pass.  We had a great time making it up some of the steep snow without having to put on crampons or use ice axes.  Jake and I picked up some sticks to self-arrest with, just in case.  It was pretty comical.

After waiting for all of the parties ahead of us to start up the route, we began the 4-ish pitches of barely rope-worthy climbing.  Despite the easy grade, the moves were pretty fun, the position was great, and the views were excellent.  We summited, took some pictures, rapped the route, busted back to the car, and made it back to Seattle in plenty of time for some grilling and fireworks.  Go 'Merica.