North Buttress Couloir on Colchuck Peak

Heading into the base of the couloir

This climb had been on my list for a long time. It was never the primary objective during my trips to Colchuck Lake and just never seemed to fit in nicely. With Dale rolling into Seattle late on Friday, a late start on Saturday was in order before a bigger day on the Gerber-Sink on Sunday. We drove to the trailhead by around 11am, made the 2.5-hour approach to the far side of Colchuck Lake, and set up shop on the large, flat boulder there.

It was 2:15pm before we had packed up for the climb and started moving. Thankfully, there was a boot pack up to the moraine and then breaking trail from there wasn't too painful. We were at the entrance of the couloir by 3:15pm. With good snow conditions and some easy icy steps, it didn't make sense to rope up. We got to the top of the couloir by 4:15pm and then wrapped onto the North Face, which took about another hour to get to the summit. It was a gorgeous day, with awesome views. Things were pretty warm and comfortable in the sun.

While this route wasn't technical, it was a worthwhile, fun romp.

Above the couloir, heading to the top with Stuart in the background