About ME

I am an entrepreneur and engineer with an insatiable desire to live and work efficiently. I love to work and play hard.

At my core, I'm a hyper-rational engineer (INTJ) with strong problem solving, organizational, and leadership skills. I attended Dartmouth College from the fall of 2000 to the winter of 2006 and earned A.B.B.E., and M.E.M. degrees. In my professional career, I have applied my aptitudes toward creating and improving products and services as well as defining and implementing business strategies. I've worked as a business strategy consultant, venture capital analyst, Internet entrepreneur, project manager, software development consultant, program manager, and general manager. I enjoy dynamic workplaces where I can continually learn and work on multiple projects simultaneously. I'm currently the VP of Engineering at Synapse Product Development where I lead our multi-disciplinary client services organization to develop innovative products for clients.

In my free time, I often succumb to my adrenaline-junky nature by rock climbing, ice climbing, road bike racing, mountain biking, and generally seeking out new, fun things to do. Find my listed climbs here.  I enjoy playing the electric guitar and have recorded some original music and have also painted some of my favorite mountain landscapes.

Thanks for visiting!

 - Jeff